Sunday, August 2, 2009

Real Estate-Neighborhood choice factor

Neighborhood Choice Factors
Getting a house is not as simple at it looks. First of all, you need to make sure that you have settled all the documents that you need and you must also be sure that you are aware of all the amounts that you have to have to settle. Above you, you must not only like a house because of its physical look but also the neighborhood where it is located.

With this, here are the following factors that you should consider in looking selecting the best neighborhood of your house.
Prioritizing safety in your list. You have to make sure that the neighborhood that you will choose is safe for you to live in especially if you already have your own family. What you can do is to do some investigation at the local police department and check the crime rate in the place where you want to transfer. You can also ask the staff about the most common legal problems that occur within the neighborhood. If you are too shy to ask, then you just need to analyze the data on the statistics.
The next thing is the transportation. What are the modes of transportation available in going to your neighborhood? Is it near bus stations or is it walking distance from your workplace? At the same time, does the community offer transportation facilities that you can use?

School or educational institution is the next factor. You have to make sure that there are schools near the neighborhood. In this way, your child can easily go to school without too much travel time. Just the same, you have to make sure that the school’s credentials and facilities are reliable to help your child in studying.
The next thing is to do is to check whether the neighborhood is accessible to malls and other facilities like hospitals, post offices, police stations and the likes. In this way, you will be sure that you will be immediately assisted in case of emergency. At the same time, it is also important for you to check some amenities on the neighborhood so you will know what are the things that you can use within the community.

These are only some factors that you have to consider in order to get the perfect home and neighborhood for you. If you will not take a good look on these factors, then you will never enjoy living in your house, no matter how beautiful it is. This will just make you regretful of your decision in buying your property.

Economic Crisis Also Effects Real Estate

Economists suggest that this year will be the worst year of economy through out the world.

It will also have a big impact on Real Esate and its Brokers. Buisness fleet through out the world is drowning and we dont know the person to be blamed. The recent crises not only effect the Brokers but Also the rates of the property which have gone down badly.

Last year was the worse but this year is the worst in economic crises an Real Estate.

Future Of Real Estate Loss

Real estate suffered a big loss in the whole world due to economic and financial crisis through out the world but the question is that will real estate suffer more loss in the upcoming years?

The answer is so much simple. people around the world are not expecting these economic crisis to be overcomed. There is no signs at least for next five years that these crisis will settle down.

Uptill then we can take them as a part of our fate and we should just look up to buy property not to sell it.

In these circumstances this thing is very important but again the master invester can be suffer again because in next two years we can expect that the rates of property will come down. So the coming two years could be the best time for investments. But one cannot sy that the things will go well after this.

Investers can just pray in this period and can just hope that the things will come back on the track again.


Architects are very important part of Real Estate world. People even from third world country also also taking interect in architecture. Well design buildings have their own importance.

And they give you extra money. Real Estate and architecture cannot be seperated they are the one and the only thing according to my point of view. people should emphisize on architecture as much as possible to give their property a value.


There are different projects which are going on around the world. these projects include construction project as well. People around the world were taking keen interest in the Business but as the economic crises are progressing they have suffered unrecoverable heavy loss. small contractors didnt get much impression but still they were in the stream of loss. Usually small contractors can get narrow escape due to low level investment. As the margin of Profit is very low so they also get very very low loss if it happens. They can recover it But mega projects contractors are going no where as the crises continues.

Globe Contractors are Facing Heavy Loss

Contractors around the world suffering heavy loss. Dubai is the main stream from where thousands of contractors are migrated to other teritories in search of bread and butter.

Mega projects suffered loss due to economic crisis.

This loss is being suffered through out the world not only in dubai. In Islamabad the rates of property has come down but here the crisisare not much as they are in Dubai. Islamabad have low level investers which can compensate in the business but Dubai where the millions of dollar investment is going no where.

The Way People Deal in The Field

Home is the basic need of a humman being. We cannot live without home. Dealing in this sector is continued and canot stop. As the population is being increased day by day, the needs of homes has also become an issue.

Now to deal with this issue peole have invested in different housing schemes specially in the country like pakistan. In Pakistan the Model towns are becoming more popular in this regard.
people have invested in the mega projects. But there came a major problem and the problem is that people dont afford that home easily, so according to investor's point of view how to earn money back with profit.

Because everyone wants profit. So more and more dealing in this sector is taking place in instalments which is another headache to an investor.

So Real Estate is going no where.